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FAU Dept. EEI: 9 Doctoral Researchers and 1 Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Training Group (RTG) 2950 - Synthetic Molecular Communications Across Different Scales: From Theory to Experiments (SyMoCADS) is a research training program funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) with the aim to educate scientists and engineers in this emerging interdisciplinary field of research. The RTG comprises ten principal advisors (PAs) from the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science, the Medical Faculty, and the University Hospital. Research takes place in an excellent scientific environment at FAU, with top-notch instrumentation in the laboratories of the participating principal advisors (PAs).The research program and the structured qualification program aim to equip the participating researchers with the knowledge and skill set needed to significantly advance the field of molecular communication (MC) and to bring it to the realm of practical applications.

The RTG consists of 9 doctoral research projects (P1-P9) organized in 3 clusters (C1-C3) and a cross-cluster postdoctoral project (P10).

Cluster C1 (Projects P1 - P3) focuses on the use of MC for the design, monitoring, and control of bioprocesses on a microliter scale.

Cluster C2 (projects P4 - P6) focuses on the MC-based modelling, analysis, and design of magnetic steering systems for superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs).

Cluster C3 (projects P7 - P9) focuses on the development of models, designs, and system architectures for airborne MC.

Einstellungstermin: 01.06.2024

Bewerbungfrist: 15.01.2024 (verlängert bis 15.02.2024)

Please submit a single pdf file, including a motivation letter (max. 1 page, specifying which project you would like to work on and why you feel you are well qualified for the project), curriculum vitae (max. 2 pages), and copies of graduation certificates and transcript of records to by January 15, 2024. Later applications might also be considered but some positions may not be available anymore.

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