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Fraunhofer IIS: Senior Scientist / Research Associate 6G Mobile Comm.

The Broadband and Broadcasting Department at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS is driving the development of new technologies for wireless communication systems. In this context we successfully investigate different application areas of mobile broadband communication, the Internet of Things, in the automotive sector and in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our task is to translate new concepts from basic research into future-oriented products.

We are working on future 6G technologies such as AI / machine learning (ML), joint communication and sensing, 3D network architecture (including satellite communication) and energy-efficient networks. We address fundamental

scientific and technical challenges to ensure, for example, dramatically reduced energy consumption without compromising quality of service, in favor of higher data rates and lower latency.

In particular, the characteristics and possible fields of application of AI and ML in future mobile networks play a central role for us.

What you will do

  • You observe, recognize and evaluate trends and drive future topics in the context of 6G.

  • You are an active part of the 6G community, take part in relevant events, write white papers and prepare presentations. In this way, you make an important contribution to sharpening and disseminating our competence profile.

  • You acquire new projects by establishing new collaborations and writing research proposals.

  • Our scientists support you in ongoing projects on 6G-relevant topics.

  • You keep an eye on the progress and the results of standardization committees such as 3GPP, O-RAN or NGMN for the topics relevant to us.

More information about the job:

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